Saturday, September 17, 2011


Great day at our local farmer's market! I got home and made my tastiest Mean Green yet! It tasted fairly grassy, then spicy (from my added jalapenos), then a sweet aftertaste from the apples (and I added a few carrots). I'll bring my real camera next time and capture some of the tasty produce!

I think a lot of people out there are thinking that I'm getting paid or making commission by how many people "join the reboot". Um, NO! The only reason I started this cleanse is because you DON'T have to join a program or watch the scale or count calories! All you need is the juicer!

I want my friends to do it so I have accountability partners, or maybe even to meet up and swap juice recipes and progress stories. It's very isolating since so many activities and social gatherings revolve around drinking and food.

I just found a spot on the Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead website where you can host a showing! How fun would that be?!

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