Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 6


1. My husband and I share a truck, which he uses for work during the day. I am stuck at home with my two-year-old, and the kitchen is unavoidable.

2. Our knives are cheap and small, and it takes me about 45 minutes to get one batch of juice. I would probably have more luck sawing through fruits and veggies with a primitive flint knife. I wouldn't say no to THIS knife, or THIS one. A girl can dream.


1. My tot is getting to try lots of different healthy foods!

2. I am learning self-control and discipline. I've always had a high metabolism, so I've never had to teach myself those things where food is concerned.

I've made sure there are going to be little milestones on this journey to break up the monotony of seeing this scary, SIXTY DAY FAST. Tomorrow, day seven, will be one milestone. Then the double-digit milestone, and so on. I'm going to treat myself to little things on those days (back massage from hubby? Purchase something from my wishlist?).

I'm still hungry for real food, but I haven't broken yet.

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