Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Juicer Replacement Parts

So, if you have a Jack LaLanne juicer like I do, I highly recommend NOT ordering replacement parts direct from the website

I needed a new crescent tool (FYI, it is magnetic.  It will stick to the bottom of your baking sheet.  Always check the bottom of your baking sheet before putting it into your hot oven.) and bought one for $7.99 with free shipping (they've since raised the price to $9.99).
Not my disaster, but you get the point.
I got the part yesterday, and it was the wrong color to boot.  I ordered the part in APRIL.  After about a month of using a screwdriver to get my blade out for cleaning, I realized I should probably check on the delivery status.

Turns out it was backordered.  No call, no email, nothing.  The customer service guy (Bob, from India) could have cared less about my annoyance for their lack of communication.  So I took out my feelings on the Facebook page, and apparently LOTS of people have issues with their orders.

In conclusion, if you're in no rush for a replacement part, by all means please order through the website.  Otherwise, try eBay.  Same parts, same prices, faster shipping.