Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So, since finishing my cleanse in December, I've been happy with the results, but I've had this feeling of incompletion.

I'm not sure I had a specific goal (as in, how I wanted my body to look) in mind when I started juicing aside from relieving health problems and fitting into my clothes again. I still don't feel like I did what I set out to do, and it has been eating away at me and keeping me up at night. Why wasn't I happy with this accomplishment?

Then I came across this website: http://muffintop-less.tumblr.com/.

Okay, I'm not saying I want to be a body builder, but I love some of the information she offers.

I've been preaching about how all I did during my cleanse was some light walking and jogging. I had more than one person comment on my pinterest pictures about how I was "skinny-fat". Please don't think I've been obsessing over those comments, because I think adding fruits and veggies has done 100% good for my body (and NO, I don't think I am skinny OR fat).


The wheels have been turning. I guess I figured doing minimal exercise would be enough to get my body back to this:

It isn't! This is 20-year-old Kristen who only had to jog a few times a week and do the 8 Minute Abs video.

I'll be the first one to admit that gym equipment intimidates me. I was content for a time that jogging on the treadmill was enough. Now I feel antsy again and I am curious to try a different workout regime. I am going to ask my gym for help. :-)

I am curious to see where this path takes me, and I am kind of eager to share it with you all!