Friday, November 15, 2013

Game On - Day 1

So, if you missed my last post, I'm playing a four week diet/exercise competition where you play in teams and get points for basically being healthy.  You can read the rules HERE.

Here is my own quick overview + personal goals:

1.  I got a perfect score for my meals today (I'll post my dinner recipe at the bottom). 

2.  Perfect score for exercise.

3.  I know I'll get perfect sleep points because I always wake up at 5am and it's easy to be in bed before 10pm (for my 7+ hours total).

4.  Perfect water score (3 liters).

5.  Perfect score for my new habit, which I chose as flossing my teeth twice a day (I'm not good at keeping up with flossing).

6.  Alas, no score for getting rid of an old habit, which was biting my nails.  I sat down to tally my scores and put my damn nail right into my mouth.  SO close!

7.  Perfect communication score.

8.  No penalties.

I promise not to post things like this every single day for four weeks, I'm going to try and gear this more towards recipes, since there are way more meals (and WAY less to them) than I'm used to.

Since we get a "free" 100 calories to use as we wish once per day, I waited and used two small corn tortillas (50 cals each) for fish tacos.  Sound familiar?  I'm really still obsessed with these things, so I had to find a way to make it game-appropriate.

-2 corn tortillas (free 100 calories)
-PROTEIN: 1 palm-sized portion of Tilapia
-CARB: 1 fist-sized portion of rinsed black beans (portion cut in half)
-CARB: 1 fist-sized portion of brown rice (portion cut in half)
-FAT: Thumb-sized portion of natural green olives
-Mixed greens (lettuce is a freebie)

I baked the seasoned fish (light sprinkle of sea salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, parsley flakes, garlic power, onion powder, and paprika) at 350 degrees for 20 mins.  I should have added a little water or something since I chose to have olives instead of using olive oil for my fats and it was a little dry on the edges.

I then wrapped my tortillas in a damp paper towel and warmed them in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds.  I had my portions pre-sorted, so I plated everything and scarfed them down!  They look bigger in the picture than they actually were, one of those fish pieces was about the size of two fingers put together.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Game On!

Has anybody heard of this "Game On!" diet?

My sister-in-law told me about it just last week, and before I knew it I was on a team of three against three!

We begin this Friday, and we are only going for four weeks (I think most people do eight).  I don't have the book yet, and I've had a hard time finding much information on it, so I figured I should blog about it and get more information out there for people to find!

Here is the overview, seems a bit overwhelming, right?  We aren't going through this website, we started our own private Facebook page for the team and we're just using it as a guide.  I printed out all of the pages and read it out loud with my SIL, reading it out loud and talking about it as we went REALLY helped to understand each section much better than trying to read it alone and getting frustrated.

I will keep everybody updated with recipes and challenges!  Stay tuned!