Saturday, February 8, 2014

Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue...

... guess who's pregnant with #2?

It's official!  I'm almost 13 weeks (goodbye first trimester!) and I've been battling some pretty violent morning ALL-DAY sickness roughly since the New Year began.

I've been living on my couch, so I've had some time to go through some old files from my first pregnancy (i.e. baby names, baby shower ideas, etc.).  I stumbled upon my list of things I'd brought with me for labor and things I wish I would have thought to bring.

So here you go, ladies, my official Things I Brought With Me To The Hospital During Labor And Things I Wish I'd Have Thought To Bring list.  Feel free to chime in and help a prego out!

For Labor:

-Gourmet lollipops (they help distract from hunger AND early contractions).  I found mine at Raley's, but I think they carry them at Wal-Mart as well.

Gah! Why is she smiling?!

-Birthing [exercise] ball (helps to sit on and roll your hips around during contractions, my hospital provided one).

It's for my back, mom, I swear!

-Back massager (one of those little handheld ones).

-Oversized nightshirt (my team let me wear mine instead of the uggtastic hospital gown) or cute frock from Etsy or the like.  So many choices, and SO worth paying a little more for something that will be in all of your pictures (although, to be fair, I found the gown pictured brand new on eBay for twenty bucks).

-Magazines/books/movies (being in labor for hours gets BORING).

-Lip balm.  You know.  Hee-hee-hee-hooooooooooooo.

After Labor:

Ahh.  Soft and clean.

-Super-soft slippers/robe/jammies (much needed comfort, and OH!  Did they mention when your water breaks you will be completely soaked and you will probably want to throw away the aforementioned cute hospital gown?  No.  No they don't).

-Snacks (all I wanted to do after giving birth was EAT.  Chex cereal was my craving).

-Breast pads/maxi pads (you'll definitely need both, and my hospital actually supplied the maxi pads).

She won't be smiling when her milk comes in...

-Nursing bra (Motherhood Maternity has some soft cross front bras for about $17, great for layering under tank tops and shirts).

The more ruffles, the better.

-First outfit for baby (bring two, my newborn was so much smaller than I could have ever pictured).

-Baby book (not only can you immediately record the height, weight, etc., they may put baby's footprints right into the book for you).

-Camera (although I think most people just use their phones now).

-File folder (for all of your hospital paperwork).

-The obvious (multiple changes of clothes - you never know how long they'll keep you, diapers, toiletries, car seat, etc.)

I'm sure I'm forgetting things, my last pregnancy was five years ago, so feel free to add items in the comments section below, and enjoy a few of these throwback pictures from my first experience!

See the eye?  That, my friends, is what happens when you push your baby out in about TEN minutes!

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