Friday, February 14, 2014

Anti-Nausea Smoothies/Juices

I've had some pretty hardcore morning sickness this time around, and I wanted to revisit my old friend, Juice.

Here are a few recipes I've tried out that help my queasy tum (also helpful for those who are battling winter colds and such).

Anti-Nausea Banana Smoothie

A local restaurant, Grilla Bites, has a Jungle Juice that I crave ALL of the time.  Apples, carrots, pineapple, lime, and ginger.

THIS site has many different recipes.  Overall?  I feel like you really can't beet (ha ha) good ole' ginger. Seriously effective for an upset stomach.


  1. Hi there, I'm Judy. I have a question and would love to speak with you more. Please email me when you get a chance, thank you!

  2. Using smoothies as a meal replacement never worked for me. However, I do enjoy smoothies and juices on occasion.