Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'm Not Crying, I'm Just Allergic to Exercise...

"I know now that I know nothing."

I didn't hear this phrase from anywhere, it literally just popped into my head after my first ever nausea-inducing workout with trainer girl.  Then I started bawling like a baby. 

Instead of spouting my new found knowledge to everybody about REAL exercise versus lightly jogging on the treadmill for twenty minutes, I figured it would be smart to plug that phrase into the ole' Google search engine and see what happened.

Hey!  Whaddya know?  WISDOM.

I'm sure I've subconsciously heard this phrase many times over the course of my life, but it makes me wonder why it would pop into my head NOW?  I've had to deal with much harder situations in life than just making my muscles sore. 

Regardless, I'm glad my brain decided to gift this phrase to me.  It's pretty humbling, right?  I keep pushing myself more than I ever have before when I work out with trainer girl, and I end up crying fifty percent of the time. 

After one particularly grueling regime, I had pulled a muscle and let her know.  She told me to roll this foam thingy over my muscle, and I just started sobbing.  She cocked her head to one side while I was busy apologizing and told me that exercise was spiritual, and that most of her clients cry at some point.

I'm not really religious, so I'm not going to get into religion, but I like that word. 

Spiritual.  It sounds so zen for such an intense moment. 

So the moral(s):  Knowing that I know nothing has allowed me to push myself harder than ever before.  BUT.  Keepin' it spiritual has allowed me to NOT push myself to the point of sickness, so I can take a step back and say "Hey, my muscle hurts.  I think I should cool it.", or "I'm going to puke if I push myself any harder, time to close my eyes and stand over a fan."

What's the rush, anyway?  I want a life change, so I'm going to take my sweet time and just be a sponge.  A tired, weepy, restless, sore, anxious, smelly sponge.

Sponge? No way... this gal's a ShamWow!

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  1. ha! This title Cracked me up!!
    Maybe b/c this is what i tell everyone.. but I seriously.. I really am allergic to exercise! Whenever I start running ( like a minute or two into it) my upper thighs get super red and little bumps all over and itch like crazy! It totally sucks :(
    Ok.. .. vented im good.

    Love your blog!