Tuesday, March 6, 2012


So, since finishing my cleanse in December, I've been happy with the results, but I've had this feeling of incompletion.

I'm not sure I had a specific goal (as in, how I wanted my body to look) in mind when I started juicing aside from relieving health problems and fitting into my clothes again. I still don't feel like I did what I set out to do, and it has been eating away at me and keeping me up at night. Why wasn't I happy with this accomplishment?

Then I came across this website: http://muffintop-less.tumblr.com/.

Okay, I'm not saying I want to be a body builder, but I love some of the information she offers.

I've been preaching about how all I did during my cleanse was some light walking and jogging. I had more than one person comment on my pinterest pictures about how I was "skinny-fat". Please don't think I've been obsessing over those comments, because I think adding fruits and veggies has done 100% good for my body (and NO, I don't think I am skinny OR fat).


The wheels have been turning. I guess I figured doing minimal exercise would be enough to get my body back to this:

It isn't! This is 20-year-old Kristen who only had to jog a few times a week and do the 8 Minute Abs video.

I'll be the first one to admit that gym equipment intimidates me. I was content for a time that jogging on the treadmill was enough. Now I feel antsy again and I am curious to try a different workout regime. I am going to ask my gym for help. :-)

I am curious to see where this path takes me, and I am kind of eager to share it with you all!


  1. I know what you mean, cardio just isn't enough to tighten and tone, is it? I have recently started at a gym, and although I don't use the equiptment on my own much, I do fantastic group sessions which sometimes involve dumbells or weights combined with crunches, planks (that never enddddd!) and elastic bands. I have been doing it for about a month and already see awesome results and my belly doesn't seem to POP as much when I eat a meal :)

    Core strength is what you're after :)

  2. Exactly. My gym doesn't offer ANY classes, so I'm going to have to suck it up and try all of those intimidating machines. :-)

  3. Hi! I am just starting my juice fast (today is day 1!) and I have some questions but I cant find your email address. Could you email me please?

    nicolereiner618 (at) gmail (dot) com


  4. Kristen, I think you look absolutely amazing! I have struggled with weight and health for forever and I finally had to just make those changes for the sake of my health. I feel so much better and the weight loss is an added benefit for sure. I have been working out/exercising for 2 years and finally started trying to eat healthier this last month. I did a 5-day juice fast and could not get past that, but have definitely made some changes in my eating. I feel so much better, lost my bloaty stomach and have so much more energy. Almost my whole family has tried the fast and have seen amazing results as well. My mother has been able to cut out almost completely her insulin. So keep up the good work. I will definitely be watching your blog for more inspiration.

  5. Thank you so much, Bonnie! It's fun knowing the juicing "secret"! :-)

  6. Hi Kristen! I stumbled upon your before and after photos on Pinterest and was directed to your blog. You are so inspiring and I love the honesty in your posts! I recently lost 80lbs through diet, but after a few stressful months and a couple of vacations I have gained about 30lbs back. I have been so angry at myself for gaining weight and for some reason have not been able to find the motivation to get back on track. I have spent every day miserably thinking about my weight and body image and as I was about to give up, I found your blog. This is the exact motivation I have been looking for! I am now excited to eat healthy and feel energized and better again! Thank you so much for posting your struggles, progress, and success! You look fantastic and have completely turned my mood around :)

    I have a healthy eating/living blog if you are ever looking for healthy recipes!
    RabbitFoodForMyBunnyTeeth dot com

  7. I'm glad people are still stumbling upon this blog and finding it helpful! Thank you for sharing, I'm off to check out your blog! :-)

  8. Kristen, I also found you on Pinterest and read back through your Juice Cleanse experience. I have to say I was MORE than inspired!!! I have been saying to people for years that I am a "fat skinny person" and just because I am a size 4 does not mean I am skinny or healthy!!! I do run about 8-12 miles a week - but I consume GARBAGE 90% of the time....burgers, fries, chips, beer, pizza - I am a working mom of 3 kids that play 4 different sports - we are ON THE GO and cook at home 2-3 times a month. My kids are active but they are also getting "skinny fat" from consuming the garbage.....my muffin top is out of control and more than one person has asked me if I am "expecting" because my bloated beer gut is much like a baby bump on a person of my size. Enough rambling......I watched the film and IT FLOORED ME!!!!!!!!! My children aren't even getting 10% of raw food intake.........I am killing all of us. I take nexium for GIRD - which I bring on myself with my poor eating....and tons of antihistamines and decongestants for allergies that I am probably bringing on myself. It was like being hit by a truck.....I just wanted to THANK YOU!!!!!!! Thank you for posting your pics on pinterest - and your story on your blog. I bought my OMEGA juicer today and am headed to our local farmers market to begin my 10 day juice fast.....if I make it to 10 I will do 20....and so on. Thank you for trailblazing!!!!!!! I plan to blog about my experience to keep the inspiration going!!!

  9. Wow! I'm glad you found this blog helpful, I think you'll feel so much better adding juice to your diet! Keep me updated! :-)