Wednesday, November 9, 2011

DAY 60!

I finally made it!

Total weight lost: 19lbs exactly.

I feel SO good about myself, and I am going to continue this journey into next year! My goal is to continue to have juice for breakfast, then once a month do a ten-day juice run to reboot my system. I already have a subscription to Clean Eating Magazine, and I have TONS of healthy recipes ready to go!

I also haven't had any stomach pain since about day 40, it took a while for it to go away but it DID. Juice is a miracle wonder drug, I'm convinced!

I'm going to have this blog lean towards healthy recipes and ideas, so stay tuned!


  1. congrats girl!! those are excellent results. did you watch the movie fat sick and nearly dead? awesome flick!

  2. For all the followers and publicity you're getting, I'm surprised there is only ONE comment on here so far!!
    CONGRATULATIONS! You look INCREDIBLE!! Sticking to your guns has paid off BIG TIME. Healthy eating (though painful and sometimes boring) has such satisfying rewards.

    I am also a health/raw/dairy free freak and did you know, that one CHEAT meal a week (chocolate pudding/packet of chips/McDonalds meal) is actually VERY good to do? Your hormone LEPTIN levels nearly become dormant as you stay on the good food, so to get them RUNNING again (which boosts your metabolism big time), you need this 'cheat' meal. I've heard it from health-freak experts more than once. And it works!

    But again, you're looking STUNNING. I'd soooo like to hear what your husband thinks of the transformation. ;)

  3. There is only one comment because the previous blog layout I had was absolutely breathtaking, but for some reason didn't allow comments. I've only had this new layout for a week or two!

    I think I agree with what you say. I know a lot of success stories who now only consume raw foods or are vegetarian (GOOD for them, seriously!), and I just CAN'T do that. I love to cook, and I love experimenting with new foods and recipes, especially seafood!

    Thank you for the kind words! My husband thought I was great before, but I don't think he understood how MISERABLE I was feeling AND looking bloated 24/7. He took it personally, as if I didn't want him touching me because I wasn't attracted to him anymore. Poor hubster! BUT, our relationship has rebounded and is better than ever... ;-)

  4. Ok Kristen, so I found you on Pinterest about a month ago and you have inspired me! Right now I am not feeling so inpired haha, only because I started my reboot today, and the lingering smells of dinner are making me want to stab someone ;o). Anyway you look GREAT! Thanks for sharing your Reboot journey with all of us!

  5. Hey Kristen!
    Just started reading your blog-you look fantastic! I've got 15 more pounds to go myself, and I wanted to tell you that I really admire you for sticking to your guns for the 60 days!

    I also admire you for being open and taking pictures! I'm much too chicken for that!


  6. Thank you, so glad you found the blog AND found inspiration! Please feel free to message me with any questions!

  7. I just found your blog tonight and really love it! And WOW you look great! What did u all have to do to look like that? I've been working 3rd shift for like a half of year now and have gained 10 pounds sense :/ and would like to start running or working out to loss the weight again. But as I see that what ever you did really worked I'm willing to try new things lol.

  8. You look awesome and I love B&As!

  9. i started this program yesterday!! I am so excited and nervous because I LOVE food!!! Was it hard after the 60 days to not gain that weight back?

  10. Wow you look amazing! I was wondering, what did you do in the 60 days to lose this weight? Like what diet and exercises?

  11. Im curious what you did for exercise? And what was different about doing 60 days, or how did you extend it to 60 days?
    The reboot website from your link only had a 15 day juice diet.
    Thanks for the help!!

    You are a great inspiration and congratulations on kicking butt! You look great!

  12. Congratulations! I'm on Day 15 of my 60 day plan. Reading your blog gave me inspiration! Thank you!!

  13. Can you please make a post of your exercise routine for your 60 day plan? Or if you've already made a post for it, can you please tell me what you labeled it as? Also, what juice do you drink?