Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 36 - Pictures of The Daily Grind

I always go to Winco for my veggies. Picture a Super Wal-Mart with 90% food and 100% less teeth. True, my chances of contracting head lice go way up by shopping there, but luckily the fruit and vegetable section is usually empty! Now, the junk food sections are a different story....

All kidding aside, the prices REALLY can't be beat. I spend $19.38 for two days of food. That's $9.69 per day! Joe stated that the average juicer spends about $14 per day. I'm definitely getting enough to eat, so it must mean that Winco is a win-win!

My morning fruit breakfast. The only thing I switch out is the nectarine (I usually grab whatever is on sale, like plums, peaches or similar).

My daily veggie intake. This is enough for the entire day, including lots of water and tea.

I always strain my drinks! Nothing grosses my out more than getting a chunk of unkown SOMETHING in my mouth (*ahem*... JAMBA JUICE).

The fruit usually fills this mug (plus some), but I started chugging before I remembered I was supposed to take a picture!

My "drop cloth". The juicier the veg, the more colorful my walls become.

Green GOLD!


Soup Du Jour!

PRICE BREAKDOWN (for one day of juicing). It obviously varies slightly from time to time for the items priced by weight:

JalapeƱo (did you know it's actually a fruit? Cool!): $0.07
Spinach bunch: $1.38
Kale bunch: $1.28
Celery: $0.24
Carrots: $0.47
Hot House tomatoes: $0.97
Apples: $0.74
Cucumber: $0.68
Strawberries: $2.98
Nectarine: $0.88

Day's Total to fill my belly: $9.69

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