Thursday, November 15, 2012


Up There.

Purgatory.  That is where I am, as of now.  My apologies for beginning my first blog post in MONTHS on such a bummer note (aside from the fantastic movie above), but I'm ready for some changes... again.

Since having some heart issues and having a few different diagnoses (Tachycardia, PVC's, etc...), I have been SO afraid.  Afraid to exercise in fear of my heart bursting.  Afraid to eat anything with salt or caffeine in fear of my heart bursting.  So what do I do here in purgatory? 

I am going to begin with what feels the most familiar... juicing.  I will take things slowly, yet again.

Ever since I started this blog well over a year ago, I have yet to meet a doctor who can not only give me a straight answer, but give me a "cure".

Last year, I began juicing because of stomach problems.  This year, I have heart problems.  I have not experienced any stomach problems since I focused on a health/research regime, so I'm hoping the same thing will ring true for my heart. 

For those of you out there who are still following this blog (bless your hearts, no pun intended), or for those of you just finding this blog from a random Pinterest board... thank you.  Thank you for letting me vent and sticking around and for understanding that I am NOT perfect, I am NOT Jamie Eason (lurve her), I am not a vegan OR vegetarian, but I am health-conscious and I love discovering things about our bodies and the things we can do with them.

I am planning on cutting my Sasquatch-esque mane and donating it to Locks of Love this coming Tuesday.  I'm hoping I can get my talented sis-in-law to take some pics so I can share it with you all.  I have never had short hair, so in light of the New Year fast approaching...

... what have you been stuck on?  Your diet?  Your hair?  A relationship?  Diets can be simple with the correct research, hair can grow back.  Relationships should be rewarding, not destructive.  Let's get out of this rut before this next year falls upon us, eh?

My early NYR (New Year Resolution) is to breathe new life into this blog.  My followers motivate me to be better, and what could be better than that? 

Juice on!